Information for Legal Professionals & Family Lawyers

Better Place Australia is a designated provider of Family Dispute Resolution (Mediation), Section 60I Certificates and Family Counselling, as defined by the Family Law Act 1975.

Our mediators are


Accredited with the Commonwealth Attorney General’s Department


Tertiary qualified in law or a relevant social science such as social work or psychology


Skilled at helping separated couples and families reach agreements about children’s matters and/or property matters.

Section 60I Certificates

Better Place Australia mediators are authorised to issue Section 60I Certificates, which may be required by the court (in applications for parenting orders) as evidence the applicant has made a genuine attempt to resolve the dispute in Family Dispute Resolution (Mediation).



Our counselling services include a range of specialist post-separation services and child inclusive services.

Better Place Australia also provides a range of counselling services and programs for people experiencing other issues such as depression, anxiety, relationship issues, grief and loss, trauma and, family and parenting issues.

We also offer financial counselling.


Information for Family Law Professionals

If you are working with clients who are dealing with conflict during a separation, we can help.

We offer a range of specialist post-separation counselling services including:


How do I refer?

To find out more information about referrals, ask about our free information kit.

Email or call us for information, assessment and referral for mental health from Monday to Friday during business hours.

If the referral is made on the behalf of a child or young person, family consent must be sought beforehand.

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