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We are committed to having a website that is accessible and inclusive for clients with accessibility needs, which is why use AccessiBe. As a part of maintaining accessibility, we regularly review all content and look for opportunities to improve accessibility. We have a responsibility to our staff, clients and the community to address the barriers that hinder access to information, opportunities and services, so we can all live the way we want and get the support we deserve.

What is AccessiBe

AccessiBe is a website accessibility solution from AccessiBe. Better Place Australia has partnered with AccessiBe to incorporate this accessibility into our website. AccessiBe embraces inclusivity and complies with accessibility standards, such as ADA & WCAG. It’s a solution that means a person with accessibility needs can navigate our website by customising their independence. In other words, tailoring the look and feel of the website to their particular needs. For example, larger font, different colours, improved keyboard navigation.

Who benefits from AccessiBe?

Better Place Australia sees more than 11,000 people every year. These include people with a range of accessibility needs. A more accessible website is extremely helpful and makes life much easier during stressful times and can greatly assist people with accessibility needs in their search for support services.

Our Elder Abuse Prevention Service provides support to more than 800 older people with a range of accessibility needs, in particular, visual impairment.

We see more than 1000 children per year with complex needs through our child counselling service. A substantial number of children experience ADHD, dyslexia and autism.

Our Mental health Services see more than 1800 clients per year. Typically these clients have a socio-economic disadvantage and present with learning difficulties such as dyslexia, ADHD, and autism.

These are all valuable members of the community seeking information and support services via our website. The AccessiBe widget makes accessing resources and help easier, with the numerous features that can be used. The accessibility options available on this website are thanks to our partnership with AccessiBe.

For more information

If you have any questions or suggestions about the accessibility of this website, please complete and submit the form below.

Video tuorials to help you use AccessiBe

Below you’ll find various tutorial videos of people with accessibility needs, and how they use AccessiBe to navigate websites easier.

Report an Accessibility Barrier

Using AccessiBe if you have low vision

Using AccessiBe if you're blind

Using AccessiBe if you're an ADHDer

Using AccessiBe if you have dyslexia and ADHD

Using AccessiBe if you're autistic

Using AccessiBe on your mobile phone

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