Supervised Children’s Contact Service

The Better Place Australia Children’s Contact Service Narre Warren and Children’s Contact Service Sale provide a safe, neutral and child-focused environment for supervised visits and changeovers to occur. This creates a safe and conducive environment for the child to establish a relationship with their carers, family members and parents.

What is the Children’s Contact Service?

The Better Place Australia Children’s Contact Service has 2 Service sites.

Both sites provide a safe, neutral and child-focused environment for supervised visits with children and for the supervised changeover of children between parents and carers. Both sites offer an attractive environment, with cosy playrooms and large outside play spaces with picnic areas.

We aim to support all family members who come into the Service and to provide them with an inspiring space where children can restore and maintain a relationship with family they do not live with.

What does a Children’s Contact Service do?

Family separation can be a challenging experience for everyone.  Parents, and significant people in the lives of children, can often be left feeling hurt, angry, and unsure about the path forward.  At first It can be hard for parents to manage parenting arrangements.

It can also be a difficult period for the child(ren) in the family. They may grieve the absence of those that they care about and who care for them. They may feel guilty or caught up in the conflict between adults.

Children have the right to safe and meaningful relationships with people who are important to them. In some cases, visits or changeovers that are supervised can reduce the anxiety for everyone in the family.

We strive to provide a positive environment, which is conducive to a child maintaining family relationships as well as ensuring that everyone is safe. Evidence suggests that children do better after separation where they are exposed less to conflict and where they are able to maintain existing relationships, as long as they are safe while doing so.

At our service, parents and extended family do not need to make direct contact with one another.

Children’s Contact Service - Information for Parents

Find out more about the Children’s Contact Service Narre Warren and Children’s Contact Service Sale.


Children’s Contact Service - Information for Referrers

Find out how to refer your client to access a child-focused space for contact arrangements for separated parents with children.


The benefits

The Better Place Australia Children’s Contact Service is confidential and secure. We also offer the following benefits: 

    • Minimal wait time, flexible timings (including Saturdays)- (click the link for the site for more specific information- comment to be added later)
    • Child-focused
    • Safe and facilitative environment
    • Access to child counselling and parenting programs as part of service
    • Ability to refer to counselling, psychological and mediation services without switching providers.
    • Access to parenting programs.
    • Convenient locations close to transport and facilities hub.

Hear from people we have helped

Why child informed mediation helps

After separation, two parents seek out family mediation to help them put together a child care arrangement plan that prioritised their two children.


Rising above conflict to prioritise their son

A couple in conflict learn to put aside their differences and focus on their son’s best interest through a family mediation session with Better Place Australia.


Our Children’s Contact Service

Better Place For Kids

Better Place Australia is there to support Victorian parents and children during times of struggle. It’s there when people are feeling alone, exposed, vulnerable, wondering how to navigate their way through their life’s problems.

We put children first. We know that when the unique needs, concerns and preferences of a child are considered outcomes are more sustainable, better respected and much more satisfying for all.

That’s why we created Better Place For Kids.

Learn more

Read the Centre for Better Relationships (CBR) Research framework for Children’s Contact Services.

CBR is the research arm of Better Place Australia.


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