Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

Our aim is to help people through their darkest hours, contribute to the development and reform of practice and policy, and play a part in community development activities that are relevant to our services.


Empower people to become more resilient and enjoy healthier relationships, and support them through challenging times. 


An Australia where all people experience positive relationships, truly value each other and live safer, more confident lives.

Our Support

We offer non-judgemental support and help you build important cognitive and emotional skills. Our goal is to give you a greater sense of control over your life and help you move your head and heart to a better, happier and more confident place.

Our Guiding Principles

All people matter to us

Everyone has the right to be treated with respect, dignity, professionalism, promptness and care. That’s why we exist.

People can be empowered

With the right support and assistance, everyone can develop and achieve their goals through better learnings and more empowerment.

Constantly innovating

We continuously look for better ways to do things, be more effective, provide more support and make life easier for our clients.

Personal safety is paramount

The safety of our people and clients always comes first, and we build that into each staff member and person we are helping.

How do we achieve this?

Better Place Australia is a community-focused not-for-profit with a growing range of psychological and community support services. These services are based on independent and evidence-based research that identifies real needs within the community that are currently not being met, and meeting those.

How we’re helping our communities

We help communities in a variety of ways.

This includes:

  • providing financial counselling and developing the financial literacy skills of those experiencing poverty or who are lacking financial resources
  • providing support and treatment to adults, teenagers, children and families who are experiencing mental health issues, abuse, trauma and the risk of suicide
  • resolving conflict and improving relationships to ease high levels of distress, isolation and other complex needs among children, the older people and families

From family mediation and elder abuse prevention to relationship education and everywhere in between, all our services are easily accessible to everyone in the community. We also offer professional consulting, training and education services in the areas of human relationships, conflict management and resolution, and family and organisational functioning.

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