Better Place for Kids

Better Place for Kids

Better Place Australia is there to support Victorian parents and children during times of struggle. It’s there when people are feeling alone, exposed, vulnerable, wondering how to navigate their way through their life’s problems.

We put children first. We know that when the unique needs, concerns and preferences of a child are considered outcomes are more sustainable, better respected and much more satisfying for all.

That’s why we created Better Place for Kids.

We know that by working alongside people, we can help build resilience and resolve difficult situations. Our purpose is to help people through some of the difficult times of their lives and help them to move on, with better skills to deal with any future challenges, strengthened by positive changes.

Better Place for Kids services

Whether you are looking to develop skills to help you fine tune your parenting skills, strengthen your relationships and build strong bonds, our programs here at Better Place Australia can help.

Our services are effective, confidential and affordable.

Life changes. Relationships change.

That’s why we’re here.

Children’s Contact Service

Find out more about the Children’s Contact Service and how to access the services in Narre Warren and Sale.


Child in Focus

A child-focused course for separating parents wanting to learn more about the process of mediation, what to expect and how to put their child’s needs first.


Children and Youth Counselling

Counselling support for children and youth to build resilience, manage emotions and cope with life changes.


Parenting After Separation

Parenting After Separation is for parents who have separated and who would like to learn how to best manage their new parenting role.


Supporting Children After Separation

Supporting children to build resilience and develop healthy coping strategies through challenging periods of parental separation and family conflict.


Better Pride Mediation

The Better Pride Family Dispute Resolution service support LGBTIQ+ people with creating Parenting plans and arrangements post separation, including parenting decisions and supporting rainbow children.


Family Mental Health Support Service

Early mental health support for families in Frankston with children and young people to improve their mental health and well-being.


Tuning In To kids

A parenting program that aims to give you helpful ways of teaching your child the skills of emotional intelligence.


Child Informed Mediation

Child Informed Mediation helps support the best needs of the child in a caring and supportive environment by considering the child’s perspectives and well-being.


How we help parents and children

Our team of dedicated practitioners have worked with thousands of children, youth and families providing caring, professional support.

Better Place for Kids services are child-focused and encourages parents to place a strong focus on the needs of their children.

We help people to:

  • support children through difficult life experiences, build their coping skills and resilience
  • maintain safe contact with their children in a supportive and supervised environment
  • learn how to understand relationships, people and themselves better through parenting education programs
  • resolve disagreements through mediation and dispute resolution services.

Better Place for Kids offers a safe and facilitative environment staffed by experienced clinicians.

Hear from some people we've helped

Separating parents working through disagreements about the parenting plan

After separation, two parents seek out family mediation to help them put together a child care arrangement plan that they could agree on.


We forgot about our child's feelings when we were separating

A couple in conflict learn to put aside their differences and focus on their son’s best interest through a family mediation session with Better Place Australia.


Support is just a phone call away

1800 639 523

LGBTIQ+ Communities

Better Pride Practitioners identify as members or allies of LGBTIQ+ communities and have working with children experience.

Better Pride Mediation
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