In line with COVID-19 guidelines we also provide services by phone and video for your safety. Call us on 1800-639-523 to book or reschedule a session. New clients can also make an online enquiry.

Why Better Place?

Why Better Place Australia?

Here at Better Place Australia we provide assistance to people from all walks of life looking for support with:

  • Family Dispute Resolution and Mediation
  • Parenting plans and program for developing parenting skills
  • Property and financial matters mediation and settlement
  • Supporting older people to resolve family conflicts
  • Child Counselling
  • Counselling for individuals, couples and families
  • Psychology services
  • Employee Assistance Programs
  • Financial Counselling and Capability
  • Specialised LGBTIQ+ support services
  • Family Mental Health Support Services
  • General advice and referrals for families and separating couples
  • We also deliver group training services for personal development
  • Accredited mediator training.


Our History

As an organisation, Better Place Australia has seen a lot and been through a lot with the many thousands of Victorians it’s helped since its beginnings in the mid 1980s. It started as part of a pilot program for a family mediation service in a single office in outer suburban Melbourne 30+ years ago, helping families at risk of breaking down and assisting separating couples with their domestic arrangements. But in the ensuing years, as now, personal relationships within the society grew ever-more complicated and Better Place Australia expanded its services to meet those changing needs. It now offers a host of support services – from mental health counselling to parenting plans and assistance with property settlements – plus financial and relationship counselling.

From that single office in Noble Park in 1985, Better Place Australia has now grown to an organisation that assists 8500 new clients each year, with more than 100 staff across 20+ locations in Victoria.


Our Clients

By working alongside people, Better Place Australia helps build resilience and resolve difficult personal situations, be it emotional or financial. Our purpose is to assist people through some of the difficult times of their lives and help them to move on, with better skills to deal with any future challenges, strengthened by positive changes.


We aim to give our clients a greater sense of control over their lives – to assist them in moving their heads and their hearts to a better, more confident place.


Responding to Family Violence

Better Place Australia has responded to the grave and unabating presence of family violence in our society by adapting our services.

We have enhanced our assessment process to ensure early detection of the presence of family violence and provide an appropriate safety response for victims and children, and referral to specialty services where needed. Considering that up to 45% of our clients from certain services report some form of family violence, we have ensured that we can support clients with specialised Financial Counselling, ongoing risk assessment, safety planning, mediation options to further support safety measures and support for children after separation.

Here at Better Place Australia we are here to enhance safety, respond to client concerns and safely facilitate referrals to provide better outcomes.


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