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If you live in the Geelong region and know an older person who is experiencing abuse or feeling pressured by someone they know and trust, this could be elder abuse. The earlier you seek help, the better. Better Place Australia offers elder abuse support services in the Geelong region. Whether the older person is in Moolap, Grovedale, Corio or some other area within the Geelong region, Better Place Australia can offer the support that is needed.

Please note, As of August 2023, the Victorian Government is defunding 70% of the elder abuse specialist positions in Victoria. For referrers and enquiries about the integrated model of care (IMOC) service ceasing mid-August 2023, Better Place Australia can provide Elder Abuse Specialist Services through Orange Doors in the following local government areas (LGA). Click here for more details.

Research has shown that some older people don’t know what the term ‘elder abuse’ means.

As a result:

  • they may not see that what’s happening to them as elder abuse
  • they might be unaware the perpetrator’s actions are a form of elder abuse
  • they may be afraid of what might happen if they say something

Elder abuse is any act by a family member, Carer, or someone else within a relationship of trust, which results in harm to an older person. It can be emotional, psychological, financial, physical or sexual abuse, or even neglect.

There are many different warning signs an older person is experiencing elder abuse.

These include:

  • neglect
  • verbal or physical assault
  • isolation from friends or family
  • money or property is missing
  • wishes are being ignored or not being respected
  • being forced to change their will or sign a power of attorney
  • no longer feeling happy about life

Read the Centre for Better Relationships research article on coercive control for an insight into a hidden form of elder abuse and family violence.

Better Place Australia elder abuse prevention services Victoria support older people in resolving conflict with family or Carers and preventing elder abuse.

How do elder abuse support services in the Geelong region help?

Better Place Australia’s elder abuse support services in the Geelong region offer support to an older person and their families through the Respecting Elders program. This provides an opportunity for the older person to talk freely with family members or Carers in a supportive environment about their wishes. The older person can do this through an advocate or on their own.

This program:

  • gives the older person a voice in discussions regarding their own care and future
  • empowers the older person to make their own decisions
  • helps resolve family differences in order to stop or prevent elder abuse
  • aims to preserve and repair relationships where possible or desirable
  • allows all parties to reach resolution and promote better outcomes for future decision-making

Better Place Australia use a combination of services to empower the older person to achieve a positive outcome in their situation, including:

  • advocacy/ support
  • counselling/coaching
  • facilitated family meetings
  • financial counselling
  • mediation
  • conflict resolution
  • agreement formulation between concerned parties where appropriate

Helping each step of the way

The first step in receiving support is to call Better Place Australia about our elder abuse prevention services Victoria. Our qualified family consultant will arrange to meet confidentially to discuss the situation and formulate a plan of care.

Remember, elder abuse can be a hidden social issue and can happen to anyone.

Watch Pearl share her story of experiencing elder abuse by people she knew and trusted, and how she overcame it.

Reach out to Better Place Australia via phone hyperlink. 1800 639 523, website or online chat at the bottom right-hand side of our website.

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