Tuning In To Teens

A group program that equips parents to build the emotional intelligence of their teens.

What is the Tuning In To Teens program?

Tuning In To Teens is a parenting program that equips you to help your teenager understand and manage their emotions. The program teaches ‘emotion coaching’ which is designed to build the emotional intelligence of your children. This involves learning to recognise, understand and respond to emotions in an accepting, supportive way. Such an approach nurtures a positive parent-child relationship and helps parents support their teenagers.


Who can join the Tuning In To Teens program?

Parents of children aged 10 and above.


What can the Tuning In To Teens program help you with?

The course can help you learn:

  • Awareness and regulation of your own emotions
  • Awareness of your teenagers’ emotions
  • Capacity to connect emotionally with your teenager and to provide empathy and guidance
  • Strategies for your teenager to verbally label and manage their emotions
  • Collaborative problem-solving skills


When is the next program?

Term 3 Schedule

Date: Thursdays, August 1 – September 5 (6 sessions)

Time: 10am – 12pm

Location: Online via Zoom


Register now

For more information and to register, call 1800 639 523 or email. Limited places.


How long will the sessions take?

Each session is two hours.


Online groups, please note:

To participate in our online groups, you must join the Zoom sessions from a safe and private space, with a camera on so you are visible to the group. We are unable to include participants while driving or caring for children.

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