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Separating parents – disagreement about parenting plan?

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They seemed to have an amicable separation, but digging up the past brought out some raw emotions during family dispute resolution sessions.

The couple with three children faced a daunting task as they worked through parenting arrangements. The father sought professional mediation to begin the process, in the hope of achieving an amicable outcome. The couple wanted a comprehensive parenting agreement which covered numerous eventualities, including agreements on the children’s passports and travel arrangements.

Eliza, the Better Place Australia family dispute resolution team leader, completed intake assessment with each of them to gain insights into the family history. She explained to the couple that even though the separation seems amicable, the process may dig up memories that can trigger deep and challenging emotions.

Eliza explained, “There was one particular issue around schooling where they really had different opinions and were quite polarised. There was content within that discussion that they found quite triggering”. Eliza initiated steps to help them come to an agreement.

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