Counselling for Men

For men who are having strong emotions such as loss, sadness, anger or confusion, counselling can help you learn how to build and repair relationships & personal issues.

Better Place Australia offers a range of counselling programs for men who are wanting to learn how to build and repair relationships, along with building self-worth and working on personal issues. A counsellor can help you learn how to create positive relationship experiences and improve your quality of life.


Who uses Men’s Counselling?

Men who are:

  • Needing help dealing with strong emotions, such as loss, sadness, anger, confusion
  • Can’t move on from past relationships
  • Want to gain support and guidance to enhance their current relationship
  • Are in conflict with those close to them be it partners, parents, family, friends, colleagues or children
  • Struggling with self worth and self esteem
  • Want help to identify what isn’t working in their lives
  • Want an impartial, non-judgmental person to talk to about their problems.


What does Men’s Counselling do?

The objective is to help men make a positive life change. The Counsellor can help you to:

  • Focus on your personal responsibility
  • Work with you in identifying your strengths in order to promote positive change
  • Gain a thorough understanding of your situation and how your decisions impact others
  • Understand your family history and trigger points
  • Develop emotional regulation strategies
  • Clarify healthy relationship boundaries
  • Understand yourself and how you relate to others
  • Identify unhelpful thinking that can negatively impact your life
  • Reframe your current relationships and how you can positively change.

Better Places Australia is also able to provide this service for younger people (over 16 years of age) who are in conflict with their parents or other family members.

Depending upon the client Better Place Australia may also encourage the use of apps between sessions to supplement the counselling service.


How many sessions will I need?

This program consists of 8 to 10 sessions. The program is intended to be provided over three months. Beyond this, Better Place Australia can support you through referral to other support services, such as Financial Counselling, Family Dispute Resolution, mental health services and Parenting groups. Attendance reports can be issued upon request.


What won’t our Counsellors do?

  • Give advice or be judgemental
  • Diagnose mental illness or prescribe medication (only doctors can do that)
  • Take sides or referee a disagreement.

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