With the current restrictions we have had to close our consulting rooms, however we are still providing our services by phone and video. In this time of heightened need, clients or enquirers can call us on 1800-639-523 to book a session or use the make an online enquiry.

Strategic plan

At Better Place Australia we strive to uphold and maintain our guiding principles in all that we do.

These principles maintain the standards that we as an organisation strive to uphold every day.

People matter to us. All those who contact the team at Better Place Australia, regardless of background will be treated with care, promptness, respect, professionalism and dignity.

We want people to become empowered, by providing them with support and assistance to learn and grow and achieve goals that they otherwise may not have been able to achieve.

We strive to do things better – always looking to innovate our services and make access easier and the experience more fulfilling for our clients.

A core principle is the safety of both our clients and employees, this is a paramount non negotiable principle.


Our focus to deliver these guiding principles is determined by the strength of four key business pillars. When delivered, each of these pillars will see Better Place Australia achieve it’s goals.

Strategic pillars

Make a Difference
  • Through growing our funding base better meet service demands and enable easier access for clients
  • Diversify as an organisation, and expand the breadth and depth of services
  • Focus on providing clients with a seamless, gapless, wrap-around model of care
  • Invest wisely for good returns and capital growth.
Brand and Reputation
  • Use rigorous, evidence based approaches to service delivery and community engagement
  • Measure the impact of what we do and how we can do it better
  • Develop a workplace where staff feel supported, proud and committee
  • Implement a public health framework for service delivery informed by prevention.
Growth and Sustainability
  • Cultivate leaders and develop talent across the organisation
  • Develop a culture that embraces change, innovation and revels in new ways of working
  • Experiment with new technologies to better service clients and provide easier access.
  • Build a strong sector brand
    Grow our influence across stakeholders, policy makers and the sector
  • Conduct valuable research as a means of advocacy to decision makers to inform better community outcomes
  • Be a prominent & credible media commentator on key issues impacting communities.
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