The mediation process


The Mediator is an impartial, skilled, professional third party who helps those in conflict work through their issues and guides them in addressing their conflict.

Mediators support people in conflict to have the conversations they need to have, gain clarity about each person’s perspective, explore their options and make decisions. Mediation is confidential and designed to provide better outcomes for all concerned.


Mediation is less costly, generally quicker and less emotionally draining than going to courts of law.

We offer mediation services in separation and Family Law, as well as other forms of mediation where there is conflict between:

  • Parent and adolescents
  • Co parents and carers
  • Residents/families and retirement village management
  • School staff and students
  • People in the workplace.


What is Family Dispute Resolution?

The process of mediation in the Family Law and separation context is known as Family Dispute Resolution. We support families impacted by separation to communicate and make decisions on issues relating to children, family, property division and financial matters.

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