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  • By AIFS, Luke and Liz Wall, Chris Elliott
  • 22 February 2024

Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS) is researching clients’ experiences with Family Relationship Centres, family dispute resolution, family mediation or parenting support services. AIFS are wanting to gauge how well family relationships services are meeting the needs of families and why people use them or don’t use them.

As part of that, AIFS seeks to conduct one hour interviews with adults from separated or separating couples to discuss their experience and thoughts of the services they have accessed for support.


About the interview

Participation in an interview will involve responding to a range of questions about experiences using services for separated and/or separating families (adults and/or children), and for those who have not used services, the reasons why no services were used.

Interviews will commence from late January until mid-March 2024. The interview will take approximately 45-60 minutes and will be conducted by telephone or online over Microsoft Teams. The interview can be arranged at a time that is mutually convenient, including after business hours.


Who are AIFS looking for to participate?

AIFS will be looking for people from different family relationship services programs (FRSP) and Non-FRSP services from different family structures and different cultural backgrounds to understand a broad range of factors that may impact service delivery and experiences.

AIFS always conducts a brief screening discussion with possible participants prior to booking them for an interview to ensure this is an appropriate experience for them.


What’s in it for you?

As a thank you, AIFS will offer approved interview participants a $50 supermarket voucher (electronic or physical card).


Is it confidential?

All interviews are confidential (personal information is de-identified) and voluntary.


Learn more

To learn more about the interview, and for frequently asked questions, click on the AIFS Information Participant Sheet here. Please note: AIFS would not wish to exacerbate any seriously conflictual situations or elevate emotional distress for anyone choosing to take part.


Participate now

Email the AIFS now if you would like to enquire about participating in the interview. Click here.

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