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Same parenting plan, different interpretations

Separated parents with 3 children were finding there were ambiguities in their existing parenting plan. Because of this, they had interpreted elements of the plan differently which was causing issues. The parents needed to come together in a facilitated discussion to clarify these ambiguities.

The case was referred to Better Place Australia Family Dispute Resolution Team Leader, Eliza. After an intake appointment and assessment to get the background and the context,  Eliza considered it appropriate for the matter to go into mediation.

Eliza deidentified and shared, “The key here was really about their communication and how they were going to resolve any issues that arose going forward. When separated parents disagree, there is that element of emotion which can cloud their communication and make it diffficult to focus on the [parenting] arrangement.”

Listen to the case study podcast below where Eliza shares how she helped them work through the ambiguities, and what the outcome was.

Watch the case study video below for a snapshot.

Case study video snapshot

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Case study podcast

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