In line with COVID-19 guidelines we also provide services by phone and video for your safety. Call us on 1800-639-523 to book or reschedule a session. New clients can also make an online enquiry.

Information for Educators

Teachers and school counsellors can often identify even subtle signs that children and young people are struggling emotionally.

Our services can be provided in addition to in-school counselling or as an alternative when young people and parents would like to deal with their issues in a different setting.


Programs targeted for children and young people include

Parent and young person mediation

Parent and young person mediation is a guided negotiation process, typically undertaken between parents and adolescents. The negotiation is guided by a professional Better Place Australia mediator.

A skilled and experienced mediator can act like a translator between teens and parents and find ways for family members to communicate well, understand each other and build better relationships. Family Counselling with Children and Adolescents brings together families to improve communications, address everyone’s concerns and strengthen family relationships.

Personal development programs for young people

Better Place Australia also offers a range of mental health and well-being programs for young people, adolescents and children that can be tailored to suit a school or community setting.


How do I refer?

To find out more information about referrals, ask about our free information kit.

Email or call us for information, assessment and referral for mental health from Monday to Friday during business hours.

If the referral is made on the behalf of a child or young person, family consent must be sought beforehand.

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